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Communication Consultant

book cover Batt Johnson is a communication consultant, media and speech coach, award-winning actor and veteran radio and TV broadcaster, who teaches the art of communication for public persuasion. His clients include MSNBC-TV, Financial Educators, Inc., the stars and All-Stars of the NBA (National Basketball Association), Genome Technology Magazine and the USTA (United States Tennis Association).

He appears in television commercials and corporate films for some of the largest companies in the world: Kodak, Wisk, Pepsi, Sony, Exxon, American Express, IBM and Xerox among many others. Batt has worked in feature films, plays, major magazines as a model, and host on TV home shopping, news, and entertainment shows. He is an experienced teacher who is taking his knowledge to the business community. He teaches:
  • Public Speaking at New York University
  • Public Speaking at Cornell University
  • Media Performance and Presentation and Broadcasting at the New York Institute of Technology
  • Acting at the Weist-Barron School of Television
Batt conveys skills to a host of clients, business professionals, authors, musicians, and professional athletes. They have learned from his many skills-the techniques that actors, broadcasters, politicians, and other public speakers use to deliver convincing messages.

He has developed unique coaching techniques that heighten communication skills and teaches his clients how to deliver their messages effectively, persuasively, while gaining the competitive edge. He views the act of persuasion as a critical link to becoming a powerful public communicator.

Batt is the author of Powerful Principles for Presenters, Rich and Famous in Thirty Seconds, What is This Thing Called Jazz?, and is currently writing Score! With The Media, a media training manual for professional athletes.

Voice Over Reel

Batt Johnson is an award-winning veteran radio broadcaster, producer, writer, actor and voice-over artist. He is on the list of "Top ten morning radio broadcasters in America" in Radio & Records Magazine.

Voice-over Reel - Batt Johnson
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The Gastineau Girls     E! Entertainment TV
One Life to Live     ABC-TV
Love, Sidney     NBC-TV
The Other Woman     CBS-TV Movie

Q2 Television     national host     QVC Networks
VH-1     national VJ music host     MTV Networks
Only One New York     Co-host, anchor     WNYC-TV PBS
Campus America     Co-host, anchor     NCTV Network
Infomercial     national and international host     Synchronal Corp.

Game Day     Featured Principal     Steve Klein, Dir. Independent feature
"Q"     Featured Principal     Larry Cohen, Dir. Independent feature
The Youngest Guns     Featured     An NBA Film


WQEW-AM, New York
WBLS-FM, New York
WQCD-FM, New York
WLTW-FM, New York
WKHK-FM, New York
WRVR-FM, New York
WNBC-AM, New York
KCMO-AM, Kansas City, MO
WHYI-FM, Miami, FL
WKTQ-AM, Pittsburgh, PA
KRIZ-AM, Phoenix, AZ
KUPD-AM/FM, Phoenix, AZ
KCBQ-AM, San Diego, CA
KPRI-FM, (KGB-FM) San Diego, CA
KBKB-FM, San Diego, CA


Batt earned his BA in social theory and media studies from Empire State College. He took courses at the New York Institute of Technology and New York University culminating in his MA in communications. He attended the Actors Playhouse, HB Studios, Weist-Barron School of Television, and the Bill Wade School of Radio and Television Broadcasting earning his first class FCC license.

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Teaching the Art of Communication for Public Persuasion

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